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Gonna go see Tesseract in April!!!!

Okay it’s rant time…

I’m pissed as hell. I was on the bus today and I overheard these two Belieber shithed bitches saying “free my bae justin” SHUT THE FUCK UP! He was a drunk driver, he got arrested. Just because he’s famous, doesn’t get him a fucking “Get out of jail free” card. And plus, he’s not even a fucking citizen, so arresting him was the least they could have done. It’s a sad tale when you own country doesn’t even want you. Fuck him. I hope he gets his ass in prison. I hope a huge ass bubble looking ass black man with a huge dick claims his ass. Rant over I guess.

Anyone want to play…


Cards against humanity with me?  Game Grumps cards included Link here. :D http://pyx-3.socialgamer.net/game.jsp#game=79 I need me some peeps

200th POST!!!! WEEEE

You know you’re obsessed with Danny Sexbang when…

You dont straighten your hair for a very long time, just to compete with his beautiful hair. -swoon-


Please tell me im not the only one who noticed that Arin looks like Jack White.


Danny… don’t give me that look… You know i get a chubby chub when you gimme that look… dnny pls… dnny.. y u do dis..
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